Great News for Vegan Cheese Lovers!

Vegan grilled cheese
Vegan grilled cheese

Miyoko’s creamery: best-selling plant-based dairy brand is to release new varieties of vegan cheese and vegan butter.

Miyoko’s Creamery is a top vegan dairy brand that has award-winning vegan products. Their cheese and butter are well-known and loved by vegans and non-vegans. The new products will take the world of plant-based dairy products by storm!

The brand will launch two new types of vegan cheese — cheddar and pepper jack. They will also launch an original spreadable oat milk butter in two flavors. This is great news for vegans who love and miss the taste of a traditional grilled cheese sandwich, Mac and Cheese pasta or Deep Dish Pizza!

In consumer tastings, Miyoko Creamery’s new products met or exceeded cow-based dairy products in taste and performance. As a result, you can soon expect to see the new cheese and butter on shelves across the USA. So be sure to keep an eye out for them at your local grocery store. 

The new kids on the block: cheddar and pepper jack vegan cheese

These plant-based dairy alternatives are real game-changers. They will cost about the same as cow dairy cheese and butter which will make vegan cheese and butter accessible to those who usually buy dairy products.

Also, the vegan cheeses have similar taste and performance to traditional dairy. This will make these products a good option for those who love cheese but have a slight intolerance. And, of course, vegans who miss the taste of melted cheese will rejoice!

Creating a vegan cheese that tastes the same as traditional dairy cheese is truly a pivotal aspect of these products. In doing so, it will make plant-based products and vegan diet more accessible and appealing to all.

Vegan butter is better

Miyoko’s original butter is the best selling alternative butter on the market. Their new spreadable oat milk butter is sure to be a hit with vegans and omnivores alike.

Vegan butter is usually made from nuts and other plant-based sources.
Vegan butter filled with plant-based goodness.

The vegan butter has two variations: Hint of Sea Salt and Garlic Parm. It is due to arrive on supermarket shelves in April 2020.

These two kinds of butter are super convenient and packed with flavor. So much so, that you will be able to create garlic bread, grilled cheese, and endless vegan sandwich combinations. 

Our vegan thoughts

These new plant-based variations of cheese and butter are sure to shake things up.

No longer will vegans and vegetarians have to “make do” and try to replace meat-based flavors with plant-based ones. Companies like Miyoko’s Creamery are specifically generating vegan alternatives to non-vegan pre-existing products. This means that vegans will no longer have to sacrifice flavor for their choice of diet.

What’s more, health authorities have recommended a meat-free day of the week for a long time and products like these will help to facilitate that goal. People are more likely to aim for a plant-based, flexitarian change to their diet if it’s easily accessible to them and good for their health. Either way, these products look delicious and we look forward to sampling them!