Try These Dessert-Inspired Plant-Based Protein Bars

ONE Brands new Churro and Carrot cake plant-based protein bars
ONE Brands Churro and Carrot Cake plant-based protein bars

ONE Brands has released two new flavors for their plant-based protein bars inspired by desserts. The Churro and Carrot Cake bars are available now.

ONE is a protein bar brand that has grown a passionate legion of followers. This is thanks to its delicious flavors, as well as its devotion to plant-based snacking in the form of their vegan line: ONE PLANT. They’ve recently released two new vegan snacks, which are sure to shake up the plant-based protein market even more.

What Flavors Are the New Plant-Based Protein Bars?

The ONE PLANT line has now seen the addition of Churro flavor and Carrot Cake flavor, which both sound delicious! That said, they’re sure to be more healthy than the food they’re imitating, which is definitely a good thing.

Vegan carrot cake with nuts and spices
The new plant-based bar is packed with carrot cake flavors

Each ONE PLANT bar contains 12 grams of plant-based protein and only 1 gram of sugar. This means that they’re not only a delicious snack for on the go, but they’ll also fit into a balanced, healthy diet as well.

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What Do ONE Brands Have To Say About Their ONE PLANT Line?

Peter Burns, CEO of ONE Brands, said: “We have been thrilled to receive such positive feedback about the taste and texture of our ONE PLANT offerings since their initial launch last fall, and we are excited to continue the momentum by adding two new dessert-inspired flavors to our plan-based lineup. We have seen severe underdevelopment in plant-based protein in the snack category, so we are excited to offer two more options for fueling an active lifestyle for vegans and non-vegans alike.”

These new protein bars sound amazing and hearing that the company is aiming to produce delicious snacks for vegans and non-vegans alike is certainly good news.

The bars have an SRP of $2.99, and they are presently available on ONE Brands’ website and Amazon. They promise to be at Vitamin Shoppe in April, and Meijer starting in early May.

Our vegan thoughts

There’s nothing quite like a treat for a snack. Snacks that are high in protein will keep you fueled and full for the day. For a long time, the only way for a vegan to get a high-protein snack was to eat a handful of nuts. Although tasty, it’s also inconvenient. It’s easier to carry a healthy, protein-rich snack in a bag or a pocket if it’s a single, easy-to-carry unit. This is where the protein bars come in.

A protein bar will keep you fuller for longer. And, it will also help curb cravings for foods like carrot cake. Not only do these bars taste good, but they’re also good for your health. It’s worth adding them to your weekly vegan meal plan.

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