Raw Sugar: New Beauty Line for Vegans

Raw-Sugar's New Beauty Products
Vegan beauty products

Since 2014, Raw Sugar Living has been an industry leader in vegan and natural lifestyle products. Now, they have a new range of vegan-friendly beauty products—called Unfiltered. 

Raw Sugar Living – Unfiltered natural goodness

According to the Co-Founder and CMO of Raw Sugar Living, Donda Mullis, Unfiltered is a “beautifully uncomplicated and uncompromising collection that is uncluttered by all the extras.” 

She goes on to say, “Unfiltered is a perfect solution for the health-conscious consumer on a search for a beauty routine with minimal ingredients and original scents that can fill their souls and lift their spirits—and deliver an upscale spa experience. We’ve made sure to thread through our brand messages of ‘Lead with love’ and ‘Live life purely unfiltered’ in all aspects of the collection, from the packaging and marketing, to how the products smell, feel and benefit the skin.”

A luxurious spa experience from Raw Sugar

For those of us who love layering the same fragrance throughout our beauty regime, the Unfilited line ticks all the boxed. 

Raw Sugar’s new range has several products. 

  • Body Butter
  • Hand Cream 
  • Face & Body Mist 
  • Salt Soak 
  • Shower Gel 
  • Sugar Scrub 

These enticing beauty products are entirely plant-based. Plus, they’re cruelty-free and sulfate-free, which means that they’re better for your conscience as well as your body. Raw Sugar’s new range is the perfect match for those who embrace the vegan lifestyle. 

Good for your body and your soul

The products in the Unfiltered line are sure to nourish, brighten, and strengthen your skin. They smell great too!

Unfiltered by Raw Sugar is uncomplicated and beautiful.
Only the essential ingredients are found in Unfiltered.

The scents on offer are: 

  • Rosewater + Cucumber
  • Blueberry + Thyme
  • Pineapple + Mango 
  • Watermelon + Pink Cactus

As you can see, their scents combinations are unique. How often do you get to smell a pink cactus combined with watermelon?

Raw Sugar’s mission: to promote clean and healthy living

Raw Sugar’s mission is to promote clean and healthy living. With their new line, they’ve cracked how to give consumers a luxurious, in-home spa experience. But, at a lower cost than ever before. 

Furthermore, all the products in the Unfiltered range are made with 95% naturally-derived ingredients. They’ve also added botanicals, which means that they only use essential ingredients that will promote clean and healthy living.

This is definitely a refreshing change. Have you ever flipped over a bar of soap in the supermarket, only to find that the ingredients list longer than your arm?

Our vegan thoughts

Being vegan is more than eating plant-based foods, it’s a lifestyle choice that completely eliminates all animal products. This includes personal care products. 

Many vegan beauty products are more expensive than their non-vegan counterparts. This is because they don’t use the more affordable, mass-produced animal products. As a result, living a completely vegan lifestyle has not been that accessible for some — until now. With brands like Raw Sugar lowering the cost, others are sure to follow suit. This will pave the way for more people to explore the world of vegan cosmetics. This can only be a good thing. 

As the self-care movement continues to gain momentum, vegan-friendly (and wallet-friendly) products are sure to do well alongside their non-vegan competition. If vegan products are of the same high-quality as Raw Sugar’s, before we know it, we could be looking at a vegan-dominated market.