Our Top Vegan Apps to Make Life Easier

Vegan apps to make life easier
Use these vegan apps on your adventures

Let tech make your life easier and install these top vegan apps. From finding restaurants to figuring out vegan alternatives, we’ve got you covered.

Our phones play such an important role in our lives. You can use them to track workouts, calculate your nutrition, give you directions, and keep you entertained all day long. With so many apps out there, it’s no surprise that there are apps designed entirely around making life easier for vegans.

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Vegan apps can track your nutrition
Vegan apps can help ensure proper vegan nutrition

Best vegan apps relating to food


Cronometer is a new kid on the block but it’s extremely useful for tracking your nutrition. Simply sign up and adjust your settings for a vegan diet. Then, capture your food to make sure you are getting all your nutrients.

Veggie Alternatives

No more sorting through filters on sites to find vegan ingredients. This app solves that problem by giving you a long list of alternative vegan-friendly ingredients!

For example, if you wanted to make a vegan spaghetti carbonara, but you didn’t know what to use instead of the eggs, bacon, and cream, you could input each ingredient into this handy app, and it will suggest alternatives!

This app boasts over 200 plant-based alternatives, including 36 new items in the latest update. Yum!

Vegan Additives

Ever wondered if an additive is animal-derived or plant-based? Use this app to help you identify additives that are vegan-friendly.

Vegan Wines

This app helps you identify wine, beer, and spirits that are not vegan-friendly. You can search and filter by country of origin and type of alcohol. This is especially useful if you can’t find a specifically vegan bottle.

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Vegan apps for traveling
Use these apps on your next vegan travel adventure

Vegan apps for travel and entertainment

Happy Cow

This app shows up in many lists of the top vegan apps, so it’s no surprise we’ve got it here. Happy Cow is the original vegan traveler’s guide, and it is a resource that has been praised the world over. It covers over 183 countries, supplying useful information on restaurants, markets, and more. Load this app on your phone before you start out on a vegan travel adventure.


Emojis have definitely heightened the texting experience for us, one and all. No text quite feels complete without a smiley face on the end. But how many of the emojis built into your phone have veganism in mind?

The vegetable emojis are great, but there are only so many situations where a digital potato is an appropriate response. That’s where vegEmoji comes in! It features extremely cute emojis of vegan foods, slogans, and more!

These apps will save you a lot of time when it comes to grocery shopping and finding a vegan-friendly restaurant. Don’t forget to add them when you set out on your next adventure where ever it may be.