Our Favorite Vegan Restaurants in the USA

Fine vegan cuisine in a restaurant
Our Favorite Vegan Restaurants

Are you looking for vegan restaurants for date night? Look no further, here are our favorite destinations to make any occasion special.

In a country usually known for its love of burgers, hot dogs, and donuts, it might come as a surprise to some readers that the United States ranks as one of the most vegan-friendly destinations in the world. 

Portland, New York City, and San Francisco have all established themselves as some of the most vibrant vegan hotspots. If we leave all stereotypes aside, we can actually appreciate the wide variety of cuisines, flavors, and ambiances to be found traveling coast to coast.

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The US has many vegan-friendly destinations
The US ranks as one of the most vegan-friendly destinations

Over a thousand vegan restaurants in the US

There’s no need to worry if you don’t live anywhere close to these major U.S. cities – a delicious vegan restaurant or bakery might be just a few blocks away from you. There are over 1600 fully vegan restaurants operating in the States. There’s sure to be one near you. 

So, what are the best vegan restaurants in America? Here we compiled ten of our favorite plant-based eateries in the country, listed in no particular order.

Fair warning: This list will definitely make you hungry!

Homegrown Smoker – Portland, OR

Nothing says All-American like an old-fashioned BBQ. And, vegans are also invited to the party at this popular Portland joint. 

Homegrown Smoker still holds the record as the first fully vegan BBQ eatery in the world. This shows even the most skeptic meat-eater that you can have a cruelty-free, delicious barbecue experience. Feast on their finger-licking good smoked tempeh ribs, soy curls, and plant-based meat sandwiches.

Modern Love – New York, NY

This is the unbeatable labor of love of famous vegan chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Brooklyn’s Modern Love has everything a vegan can ask for: an innovative fresh spin on comfort food favorites. Here you’ll find Mac & Cheese, Buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, and much more. All reimagined in a creative world fusion vegan twist.

Plant – Ashville, NC

The American South might get a bad rap when it comes to vegan-friendliness, but vegan restaurants like North Carolina’s Plant beg to differ. It’s fresh, healthy, and green without compromising on flavor. Plant boasts a huge menu of vegan cooked and raw dishes that effortlessly combines whole foods with vegan junk food favorites.

Counter Culture – Austin, TX

Another pride of the South, Counter Culture’s menu is incredibly diverse, ranging from delicious vegan cheese platters to plant-based subs filled with mock meats, as well as mind-blowing vegan alternatives to your salad favorites. Make sure not to miss the dessert menu too!

 V Street – Philadelphia, PA

Word on the street is that, when in Philly, you can get the best vegan cheesesteak at V Street. If that isn’t enough to make you decide on a visit, you should also know they plan their menu around seasonal produce, with a global inspiration powering their tasty dishes. Okonomiyaki fries, Caribbean stews, and spicy peanut noodles all make the top of our recommended list.

Gracias Madre – San Francisco, CA

Honestly speaking, a vegan restaurant wouldn’t be top-notch without some wholesome Mexican fusion. This is what you will find at San Francisco’s Gracias Madre. This colorful, organic vegan eatery offers a huge variety of plant-based alternatives to Mexican staple dishes (along with a fair amount of healthy Californian flair). Their bean and tempeh tortas, chorizo bowls, and avocado-loaded wraps and nachos are absolutely to die for!

Althea – Chicago, IL

A classy, upscale vegan restaurant in the heart of downtown Chicago. Althea is the perfect spot for a romantic dinner, and its world-inspired menu is one you won’t forget for a very long time. Organic, futuristic plant-based cuisine featuring dishes such as vegan crab cakes, kimchi dumplings, and kelp cacio and pepe noodles. A true homage to the power of plants!

 Elizabeth’s Gone Raw – Washington, DC

Don’t be put off by the name — Elizabeth’s Gone Raw offers much more than your run-of-the-mill raw vegan food. Their tasting menu is definitely a testament to the elegant versatility of whole plant foods, with risottos, kale chips, corn chowder, and coconut bacon that will make you wonder if it’s all really raw. This Washington D.C. gem is incredibly healthy, nutritious, and most importantly, 100% delicious.

Clover Food Lab – Boston, MA

Clover has managed to steadily build a mini plant-based empire in Boston. It now has over ten locations sprawled across the city, and for good reason too. 

Clover is essentially a fast-food joint, but with a revolutionary twist on the formula. This ensures that their ever-changing menu is up to the highest standards. You can feel good knowing that your indulgent seitan burger, meatball sandwich, and mushroom parm platter are always made to order – only the freshest ingredients are served. This indie chain is unbeatable when it comes to accessibility and convenience!

Âu Lạc  – Los Angeles, CA

This is a Vietnamese vegan restaurant offering refined, fragrant, and innovative plant-based alternatives to staple Southeast Asian dishes, along with incredibly creative fusion recipes. Of course, you will find warming Pho and Banh Mi making the menu. But make sure to try out some of their unique creations too: eggless egg rolls, yucca fries, shiitake octopus and lemongrass soy fish – just to name a few. 

Vegan restaurant cuisine
Celebrate a special occasion with fine vegan dining

As you can see, there are plenty of options for date night or any special occasion. If you are lucky to be in one of these cities, be sure to book a table.